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Healthy Lifestyle Advice: Frederick, Walkersville, and the surrounding area.

Lifestyle Advice In Walkersville

Improve your Wellness

Advice to Stay HealthyMcLaughlin Family Chiropractic knows the habits and postures people make on a daily and weekly basis can affect how you function. We strive to empower and educate practice members on how to adapt their lifestyle during each visit.

We perform complimentary nutritional analysis through a system survey which gives a thorough assessment of each person. It creates a lengthy report evaluating each system of the body, and also gives feedback if support is needed. From sinus issues to back pain, Dr. Mimi can eliminate the need for invasive medical procedures or needless medications. Homeopathic medicine is on the rise so contact McLaughlin Family Chiropractic for our holistic approach to wellness. (301) 898-8005

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