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Chiropractic Services: Frederick, Walkersville, and the surrounding area.

Chiropractic Services

Dr. Mimi adjusting a patient's neck.McLaughlin Family Chiropractic offers a full-range of services to speed your recovery from pain and injuries, as well as helping you stay healthy. Call (301) 898-8005 or use our convenient form to set an appointment.

  • Chiropractic Adjustment – To restore normal position and function of the spine. This reduces stress on the nervous system restoring normal nerve function. This also reduces pressure and stress on the discs.
  • Spinal remodeling (curve correction) – To restore/improve the loss of abnormal curvature of the spine to stop/reduce spinal degeneration and disc decay.
  • Intersegmental Traction (Roller Table) – Passive motion to improve flexibility, muscle elasticity, and blood flow.
  • Trigger Point/Pressure point therapy – Reduces tension and improves circulation of the blood to tissue for the healing of damaged tissue.
  • Cold Laser Benefits – Increased cell energy, promotes circulation, increased natural antioxidants, recycles protective enzymes, increases protein production, promotes healthy cell multiplication, microbe control, and improves immunity.
  • Vibration – Improves bone density, muscle mass, reduces stress, and improves posture.
  • PNF (assisted stretching) – To enhance passive and active range of motion in the muscles and to improve muscle performance.
  • NMR (Neuro Muscular Re-education) – To enhance passive and active range of motion of the muscles and to improve muscle performance.
  • Strengthening – To improve the strength and performance of supporting musculature to support structural changes.
  • Orthotics – Custom fit orthotic insoles made to support the structure of the feet and body.

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