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Chiropractor Eli Souders, D.C.

Dr Eli Souders, DCDr. Eli Souders is an associate doctor at McLaughlin Family Chiropractic.

Eli grew up in Little Orleans located in Allegany County, Maryland. Following a high school football injury, and a referral from his coach, he sought out a chiropractor with little to no knowledge of what chiropractic was. One week later, he was back on the field with an entirely different viewpoint of healthcare. While he always aspired to pursue a career in the health field, he was completely unaware of the power of chiropractic. After years of study and experience, he believes that chiropractic is essential for not only getting people back on the path to health, but to staying well.

Eli attended Frostburg State University and obtained a degree in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Health. He then attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While finishing his education at Life University, he had the privilege to accept an internship under Dr. Mimi. He loved the connection that Dr. Mimi and her staff had with the community and simply could not pass up the opportunity to join the team full time.

Eli is married to Paige Souders and while they do not have children yet, they adore their Golden Retriever, Luna. Together the three of them live in Martinsburg, West Virginia where Paige is a fourth-grade teacher. When he is not serving patients, his hobbies include golfing, fishing, and just generally being outdoors.

“Chiropractic for me was something that I got lucky enough to stumble into. I had heard of the word before but really had no idea what the profession entailed outside of “cracking backs”. When I had my own experience being adjusted by a skilled chiropractor, I was certain that I had found something that no one else was aware of.

My family, like many other families, has been impacted heavily by the epidemic that is the over-prescription of opioids. The issue has become overwhelming in the country, specifically in the area that I call home, I have always felt strongly compelled to do what I can to combat this problem. When I found how chiropractic could help many of the people that were turning to prescriptions, I felt an obligation to do my part in giving these people an alternative.

I am now proud to serve the Walkersville, Frederick area at McLaughlin Family Chiropractic in not only getting rid of our patients’ pain but helping retain the community’s optimum health.”

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