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Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment in Frederick, Walkersville, and the surrounding area.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can plague the young to the old. It can be a nagging pain across someone’s beltline, or it can be a sharp pain from the lower back and can also radiate down the legs.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lady experiencing lower back pain.What’s the cause of it? Often lower back pain comes from injuries occurring over the years. It may be a specific incident or more likely it’s a series of microtraumas day in and day out.

Lower back pain can be caused by degeneration of the lumbar vertebra and disc. It can also be caused by instability of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the low back. When an injury occurs often inflammation results which can exacerbate the problem. When someone has a low back injury it’s common to think it’s nothing, or will just go away. Many will treat it by taking it easy, using heat, and/or anti-inflammatories.

Those “remedies” may make someone feel better temporarily, yet it will do nothing to correct the problem or prevent re-injury. When someone treats symptoms, it's like driving a car with the check engine or oil light on. It’s telling you something is wrong. Taking anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications is similar to putting a piece of tape over the check engine or oil light. When this happens periodically the problem continues to worsen over time.

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

At our office, when someone comes in with low back pain (of which 80 percent of Americans will), we have a consultation as well as an exam and any necessary motion x-rays of your spine. With this information, we’ll get a complete exam, checking the range of motion of the neck and back and determine if there has been any decay, and how long it’s been there. This information will be used to create a game plan to resolve the pain and get you back to doing the activities you love.

If the cause or part of the problem causes degeneration we can take measures to decrease the progression of degenerative disc disease, faulty alignment, and muscle spasms. Specific stretching and strengthening exercises are prescribed to lengthen and to also break down adhesions and to strengthen the area to prevent reinjury.

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